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20-Dec-2017 05:52

Earlier this week, Halifax’s Peter Lively shared a photo of a massive shark which he claims was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia. Some people are astonished, while other don’t believe it’s real.Is the “902” telephone number on the crane’s arm Photoshopped?Someone, somewhere, will share her image while alleging a tale of massive sharks caught off their own local beaches. Hundreds of locations have now stood in for Nova Scotia.Photo thieves have claimed sharks are terrorizing British Columbia, Alberta, Baltimore, North Carolina, Alaska, Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, Amsterdam, Australia, Sweden and South Africa (among others).There’s been such regular, continuous attention that in 2012 Allen published a book—Shark On Line—about the photo and its unusually long lifespan.It "tells the story of the shark that became an urban legend.” Unfortunately, Snopes searches and viral photos don’t always translate to financial success.

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“I almost thought of calling it the shark that doesn’t die,” she says, “because it does keep surfacing for air.” There’s even an online guestbook at the Yarmouth Magazine website, where G. Le Blanc collects messages from suspicious folks around the world who are trying to confirm the shark photo’s origins.

In fact, the story of the photo is at this point more interesting than the tale of the shark it captures.